Tuesday, 29 December 2015

New Hair Cut + OOTD

Hello everybody!
Finally I have some time to blog again after all those busy Christmas days. There was definitely way too much food and I was either eating or laying with a full belly on the sofa over the last days.

But now that Christmas is over, it is time again to come back to normal life.
For this reason, I went to the hairdresser yesterday morning and decided it was time for a pretty big change. Then I met up with my cousin Kinga and we also had a stroll around town and some delicious pizza and then I had another toe nail "surgery" in the evening.

So, you all know how long my hair was and I am incredibly proud of it but since it's growing so fast and I have to wash and blow dry it so often too, it does get damaged, which you can't really see that much in photos. But I could see all those dry, split ends and the ends also felt very rough and it was just not the thick hair I used to have.
The hairdresser said she'd only cut off the ends and I said she could also chop off some more because I felt like more was needed but once I got to see the freshly cut hair, I have to admit that I was pretty shocked about how short it was. I didn't have such hair in 4 years I think!
But I am so happy now because I have my thick, healthy hair back and I also got it cut straight, without any layers or anything, which I also didn't have for about 8 years I think.
jacket - Marc O'Polo
striped top - Primark
loop scarf - Primark
jeggings - Pull&Bear
boots - Pepe Jeans

I still didn't really get used to the new length but every time I touch my hair I am so in love with the healthy ends!

I hope you all like it as well!
And I also hope you all had nice and calm Christmas days.




  1. Your new hair looks lovely!

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  2. Your new hair cut looks lovely on you!