Monday, 15 June 2015

My OOTD: Some New Pieces

After working for three days in a row I am so exhausted that I already feel bad for being so weak actually.
I ended up with a flu, which is not too pleasant, but at least I don't have to worry about College any more and I will only need to come back to work next weekend. I hope I will be healthy again by that time.
I just returned from my GP and the pharmacy and am just sitting in my bed after quickly taking outfit pictures outside with Eryk.

I decided to finally post something again and I feel like outfit posts are my favourite and somehow they always bring in the most views. So this shows that apart from me, there are also others that seem to enjoy this kind of posts.

When my mum was over I already mentioned in the previous posts ( here and here) that we did some shopping and also on Thursday I ended up buying myself a new bag. Yes, again. I actually felt so bad for doing this that I was thinking of returning it the same day, but then again I would regret it even more, so I kept it and love it.
And to show you two new pieces from my closet, here's today's outfit for you!

monochrome shirt - Primark
high waisted skinny jeans - Bershka
leather flats - Lasocki
trench coat - Pimkie
satchel - Nica

silver wristband - YES

I love the deisgn of this little bag. It's perfect for a stroll around town or a date night. It has a detachable strap and a short strap at the bottom of the bag, which allows you to hold the bag like a clutch and it looks so cute! I also like the shiny material and the cutest thing is probably the adorable cat which is just a magnet that keeps the bag closed. 

I kept my make-up rather simple today, but still used my eyeliner as usual ( just a bit less) and I actually filled in my eyebrows again, so I finally have a bit more of a framed face again. Yay!
Also, excuse the weird curly hair that somes from behind my ears. Since it's baby hair I always keep it behing my ears and then once I wash my hair it goes crazy and looks like this.

Hope you enjoyed this outfit and the photos, and let me know if you like the bag as much as I do.

To finish off I'd like you to watch our latest vlog, since I was a very happy girl last week due to allll the sunshine! :) SUNNY VLOG




  1. if you could choose once again would you still pick French and Spanish ?

    1. In would definitely choose French again, but I am not that much into Spanish so I guess French is what I want to continue with.

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  3. you're off collage, why aren't you blogging more ? just once a week, it's pretty bad

    1. Blogging everyday is not easy,you always have to have something to write about and after a year of blogging daily I found it more and more difficult to write about something new.
      Also, I've been ill a lot recently and didn't feel like blogging either.
      Apart from that I'm in a very tricky situation and have to sort out a lot of stuff and it's just very stressful for me at the moment.
      Hope this answers your question.

  4. Would you like to have a tattoo ? If so, where?

    1. I was always into tattoos and have some ideas of what I would like to have myself and I guess I'd like to have something on my ribs but that's nothing official at the moment. :)

  5. why dont you wanna study in Poland?

    1. I've never lived in Poland and have absolutely no Polish qualifications at all and apparently studying in Poland is not that easy either and I am also not satisfied with how people teach foreign languages there.
      Generally living in Poland is a No for me so that's also why I've never considered studying there.