Tuesday, 10 February 2015

3rd Anniversary And Broken Phone

Let's start with the nice part of this entry. Today is Eryk's and mine THIRD anniversary! I really can't get it that it's been such a long time already! We had a long distance relationship for nearly two and a half years and last summer we moved in together. It isn't always easy for several reasons, but I am definitely happy to have Eryk by my side.
I got home quite stressed and sad because of my phone-wphone-which I will mention in the second part of this entry, but Eryk bought me a pretty bouquet of red roses and he even got red wine for us to celebrate this day. He told me such cute things and I felt very emotional to be honest. 
I think it is quite hard to stick together for such a long time as teenagers/young adults. I do have friends that have been going out for even longer now and I surely admire them! 
Still, I think that you can never stop trying to be the best you can in a relationship, no matter for how long you've known each other already.

Right, so now I've said everything I wanted about our happy part of the day, and now over to the bad thing that happened today.
So, last nitghtI charged my phone as always but in the morning I found it only half charged and when I tried to charge it again, the phone wouldn't respond to the charger at all. I tried another charger and chzrging through the PC and nothing worked, however, I could charge everything else with the cable.
Shocked, I went to the nearest service for advice and I got told I should go to the 3 store to let them repair it, since I still had the warranty. But I had to go to College first and made my way to town as soon as I finished.
I hurried to the 3 store, where a very unfriendly member of staff told me that I broke my phone (even though the previous specialist checked it and said there is no sign of damage visible). He only handed me in a sheet of paper with a contact number I should phone to repair my phone. With my battery going down, I was on the phone for 15 minutes and didn't get any proper help. I was told to go home and to connect my phone with the PC again, which should help.  I have no idea how this should fix a broken charging port, but I tried. After my phone didn't show any reaction again, I called the service number another time and got told that I should backup my data and a courier would come over tomorrow to pick up the device. The repair and postage process will take up to 3 weeks, which shocked me even more, but I thought that this is still the best solution. I started backing up my phone, but it had to backup more than 2000 objects and with only 8% of battery left in the beginning of the process, it died with about 750 more objects to be restored. I was very sad because I didn't even know if there were any very important notes or so but I tried again to plug it in, and under a strange angle, I managed to make it work!!!! I left the phone off to let it charge faster. I will backup the rest once it's done and give it to the courier tomorrow. After College I'll try to get a replacement phone from 3 and hopefully my phone will return fixed in not such a long time.


♥ 10.02.2015 ♥


  1. Love is truly in the air that day for the two of you. It was just too bad that your phone problem had to mar an otherwise awesome day. Good thing you managed to back up your data. Nowadays, it really is the best thing to do, to make sure that you can retrieve it all once your phone has been repaired. And speaking of which, how’s your phone now?

    Lillian Walker @ TaylorWorks

    1. My phone started charging without any problem again, after it completely ran out of battery. From that time I didn't have any problems with it. quite strange...

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