Friday, 13 February 2015

Vlog Day

The week is already coming to an end again and as promised in the last video, where I went to the seaside for a walk, this week's vlog is up today!
You should definitely check it out for some cool scenes!

I quite enjoyed this week, apart from my phone being a total creep. Even the weather was great most of the time! But, I have to say that when I went out today to film some cool stuff, I was freezing! After an hour I returned home and was really happy to have a hot cup of tea!
I then started editing the vlog and also managed to add some new music.
Now I got quite hungry but have no idea what I could cook, so I cut up some mozzarella and a tomato, added some herbs, salt and pepper and that's what I'm having just now.

Even though I have a week off from college now, I'm back to work this weekend and should go to bed a bit earlier today.
At least I have something to look forward to, since my cousin is coming over for a week on Monday!

Hope you all have a great weekend ( and Valentine's Day!) !



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