Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

To all the couples, have a happy Valentine's Day with your loved ones!
Love should be shown every day in a relationship, and not only today, but I think that such days are special and they are worth celebrating a bit together. Going out for a date, cook something together or just do some other fun things- have a little celebration!

Eryk and I actually are not going out today since I have work tomorrow again, but we're just quickly going to the shop to get some ingredients to cook something because we're starving.

I won't write more, because I didn't feel like preparing an outfit or make-up post, like most bloggers did. But I only got some some time ago and there was no chance to prepare more in such a short time.

I would be happy though if you check out our latest vlog that I uploaded yesterday. The next vlog will be up some days later again, since my cousin is going to stay with us for a week and I don't want to spend the time editing. But, I can tell that this vlog will be exciting and there will be a lot to see. It will most likely also be way longer than usual.



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