Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Ingrowing Toenails | Health

It is quite a disgusting topic I guess, but since I am affected by ingrowing toenails, I thought I'd share my experience and what I'll be doing soon.

Ingrowing toenails are painful, I went through times where there was pus and blood coming from underneath my nails and it was the worst thing ever. The toes are swollen, red and even touching them lightly is VERY painful ( don't even try to imagine the pain when you hit your toe...).

I've had this problem for years now and I remember using iodine to keep the wounds from infections and I had plasters on my toes all the time. This didn't work out really and once the pain got worse and I started having problems with finding comfy shoes, my mum took me to a beautician in Poland last year to have a look at the toes and to say what could be done. The lady suggested that I get nail braces done, since they are effective and painless, but I was quite scared at first.
I got my nails cut out on the sides next to the skin regularly, because that's what she told me would help and I had cotton bits tucked and fixed with a glue underneath my nails, to lift them so they don't grow in any more.
I've done this for a year now and it definitely helped. I don't have infections any more, but touching the nails is still very painful and drives me crazy.

So, I decided to find someone who would get the nail braces done on my nails, here in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, every person I asked said that they only remove the nails. Imagine pulling out nails?! I really didn't want to start with this "treatment", since the nails sometimes don't grow back at all and most of the time start growing in again. This is quite useless then, in my opinion.
The problem with nail braces is that they need to be tighten up regularly every few weeks so that the nail starts changing the way it grows. I could get them done in Poland, but then back here, nobody could continue the treatment and this wouldn't help at all.

So, I just found a lady in Poland, where my family lives, that actually could help me. She said that they are going to straighten my nail and change the way it grows in just one treatment, which takes about an hour per nail. After that there is another appointment to check if the treatment went well, but it usually does help straight away.
The instrument they use for this method looks like a torture machine from a horror movie, but apparently it's the latest and best method to treat ingrowing toe nails.

I watched a video of such a treatment and read a bit about it and it really terrifies me, but I also read that it is not really painful, so I hope that I won't cry.
Unfortunately, this treatment will cost me more than £100, but if it is going to help, I'll accept this price.

I think that many people ignore ingrowing nails for a long time, but it turns into a really big problem with time, so I suggest you to get some help straight away instead of waiting like me.



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