Saturday, 28 February 2015

Quick Snack | Food

I can't believe that I just wrote quite a lot and it all got lost...

Let's quickly summarise the lost part:
I came home from work totally exhausted and wet from the rain. I was running home and the fat raindrops were falling on my face, into my eyes and I didn't look too good. I also had to change my clothes straight away and to blow dry my hair.
Then I wrapped myself up in a wake blanket and decided to rest a bit. But I was hungry and went downstairs to prepare some food for myself. Of course, I didn't want to cook for ages and then clean up afterwards. At first I thought of a strawberry milkshake but then I prepared myself some semolina again.
I first heated up 300ml of milk in a small pot and added three tablespoons of semolina, stirring constantly. I also put a bit of sugar inside for more taste.
Once the mixture got thicker, I poured it on a small plate, let it cool down for some minutes and then put some butter on top, that melted quickly. Then I added sugar and cinnamon and cut strawberries in thin slices, that I also put on top.
Semolina always reminds me of my granny, since she'd cook some for me at any time of the day and night, even now when I visit her, I always have some with butter, sugar and cinnamon- my favourite combination.
After I ate everything my belly is full and I am in bed, thinking of maybe having a short nap because I am literally falling asleep. The weather outside is a total nightmare, the wind is so strong and loud that I just don't even want to think of going outside tomorrow morning.

Also, I am totally exhausted because I have another pain attack, my knees started being extremely sore yesterday and today at work I could barely walk.

Looks like I just need to have a rest until tomorrow, go to work and then concentrate on my exam again.

Hope you all have a nicer weekend than I do!

Also, check out the vlog!



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