Monday, 2 February 2015

Primark Buys | New In

After College I decided to quickly ( yeah, sure..) go to Primark as I really needed new tights. I have to say that Primark tights are not my favourite because they start looking ugly after wearing them twice or so and then I just throw them away. But this was the only place with black 100 den tights I could think of at the moment so I decided to get a pair at least to save my outfits for the next weeks.

Since Primark is a big place with way too many things, you just find items and carry them around until you just buy them. And so I got some things today- but I have to say that most of them were things I really needed.

So, I got black 120 den opaque tights to keep my legsies warm this winter because I am not planning on quit wearing skirts and dresses. I am actually wearing exactly the same pair today but I am already sick of wearing them because of all the little balls that formed on the material and look disgusting.

I also needed some socks because lately I struggle with finding my pairs somehow. I was supposed to take a pack of black socks, but I basically only need them for work and I still have about two or three pairs, so I am fine. But instead I decided to take some other socks that were cute and that I could wear whenever I don't necessarily need to wear black ones. I found these cute fox socks with 3D ears and thought that they were too cute to not buy them.

Next I got two different pairs of panties and a black bra since I don't have one- but that's not really interesting to write about, so let's just move on to the last three picks.

I have some gloves like these already, because they are so useful at work since I can cover my fingers if I don't need to type or unwrap boxes, and I can also take the "cap" off quickly, so I am really happy with them. But I somehow managed to make holes in them and thought it was time for another pair. This pair has zebras or whatever and was only a pound, so why not?

Then I passed the accessories section and found this statement necklace that seemed quite pretty to me to add a nice detail to a party outfit or even just a basic everyday look. Since it was only 2 pounds I thought that even if I shouldn't wear it, it wouldn't be a big deal really. But I do plan on wearing it out because I really like it.

And the last thing I want to show is a beautiful skirt that is shiny and has flowers on it. The skirt is short and has a gold zipper in the back. It is A shaped and I think that it would make part of a really pretty outfit. I need to check if I actually have a top that I could wear with it, and if not then I definitely need to get one as soon as possible. I am in love with this skirt and even Eryk was impressed!

All of this was a real bargain altogether and I am happy I got these pretty things.



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