Monday, 9 February 2015

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I used to write collective hauls at the end of every month because I thought I wouldn't have too many things to show and now I somehow prefer to show the things straight away after I buy them, just because they are new and I don't forget to talk about all the things I got over the last month.

But again, lately I don't just walk into Boots and pick 5 things at once, but mostly buy just what I need at the moment really. And for this reason I decided to quickly share with you the things I got over the last two weeks, since I didn't update you about them yet.
I have five things here and two of them are products I've already had.

On Friday I went to M&S and saw this cute little box of soap roses and couldn't resist them. I carried them around for a long while around the shop and eventually decided to really buy them. They look so pretty in their little box that I don't even want to take them out to be honest! They are scented with top notes of gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley and orange blossom, which smells nice but I don't really know why they are shaped and called roses, but never mind. I feel like I want to use them already today but then somehow I don't want to destroy this tiny display of beauty. Send help!

A longer time ago I got myself a glossy chubby stick/ lipstick from Barry M and I absolutely love it! The problem with it is that it is not retractable, so you have to sharpen it once you can't get any product on your lips any more. Eryk wanted to check out if this was really the case and decided to cut the bottom end off ( I don't even know why) and this caused a mess and we had to tape it so that the stick and everything else stays clean. But from that time I couldn't use it any more because I had no sharper for thicker pencils. Now, some days ago I went to Boots and just got one from Barry M as well and it has two ends for thinner and thicker pencils, which is very handy. I really needed it and now I can finally use my lipstick again, which makes me very happy! The sharpener itself works very well and you can close the caps so that none of the rest falls out. I like it.

Some days ago I ordered Maya some ferret food and a play tube from Amazon and I didn't really want to pay for the delivery and instead chose a Real Techniques Shading brush to add to my collection. I think paying for delivery is so stupid, especially when you can pick an item for about the same price and upgrade to free delivery. Right?
I haven't tried the brush yet, but I chose this one since I struggle with using different shading brushes while using eye shadows. Usually I only use two brushes but if I use three different shades one of the brushes will always have a bit of a different shadow in the bristles, if I use it for two shades,  and the colours won't look the way I'd like to have them. I haven't used it yet because I only got the delivery minutes before I left to College but I am quite excited about it.

The biggest product here is a new Pantene Pro-V Smooth&Sleek shampoo, that I've already been talking about in yesterday's blog entry. The only difference is that it is a huge bottle of 700ml because I run out of the small ones way to fast. It is definitely my favourite shampoo at the moment and all the rest you can read in the previous post.

The weekend before this one I went to work on Saturday morning without washing my hair the night before and obviously I had no time at all in the morning to wash my hair and panicked when I woke up with slightly greasy hair (to me it was a nightmare anyways). I've just run out of dry shampoo and knew that before work I had to get a new one and make my hair look acceptable at least. So I got the pink Batiste Dry Shampoo another time, just to have it at home, in case any bad surprises like that one should happen again. I was writing about it already as well and you can go and check it out here.



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