Sunday, 22 February 2015

Last Day And The Tide

Today is our last proper day together, I mean with my cousin, since she's leaving tomorrow. She has her flight from Glasgow, so we'll go there with her in the morning and then come back again.

We woke up and the weather was just so terrible that we even felt tired and like staying at home. But we knew that wasting this day was also not the best decision and despite the rain and heavy wind, we made our way to Portobello beach.
Once we actually got there, cold and wet, we hurried to the café by the beach, called The Tide. It is also a tiny art gallery, where you can buy cute little pieces of art for your home. We didn't buy anything, but we had a hot chocolate and a latte, and a wedge of carrot cake each.
I am lately obsessed with carrot cake and this one was also very tasty. My hot chocolate was also delicious, with a lot of cream and little marshmallows on top.
We sat there for a while and realised that the rain has stopped and the sun was coming out again. So we paid and went outside to have a walk at the beach and listen to the waves. The seaside is so realxing to both of us and we really enjoyed it there.
It wasn't too warm though and so we took the bus back home, but did the grocery shopping and went to the chippy as well before we arrived here.
We just ate a box of chips with salt and brown sauce and are laying in bed, tired after the whole day out.
Tomorrow we need to get up earlier and get to the airport, so it won't be the happiest day of this stay.
Once I'm back home I'll need to start my french exam revision, since I'll have it soon and didn't study for it at all yet. on Tuesday I'm also going back to college and the holidays are definitely coming to an end, which does make me a bit sad.

Hope you all have a nice evening.



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