Wednesday, 4 February 2015

DIY Pizza! | Food

Today was not the best day for me I have to admit.
I woke up and the hospital called me to come in tomorrow afternoon for a consultation regarding my low IGA. To the ones that don't know about it- I had some blood test done and the IGA always turned out low, which is not too good and the doctors are trying to find out why.

But, that's tomorrow and I believe that it will be alright.
However, on my way to college I checked my emails and found out that I didn't get into Edinburgh University AGAIN, which made me sad and my mood is not the best. I applied for another Uni as well and this is the course I prefer to be honest, but it will be a big tragedy if I don't get in there. So, let's all hope for a miracle.

After College I went to ASDA because I wanted to get something for dinner and found pizza bases and thought that we could make some pizza today.
I got a pack of two bases, so Eryk made himself his own pizza and I created mine. I also picked a jar of pizza topper, a can of sweetcorn, some tomatoes and ham for Eryk.

For my pizza I used half of a tomato, cut into slices, some sweetcorn, a lot of grated mozzarella cheese and some Italian herbs.

Eryk used some polish ham and a lot of mozzarella + the herbs.

The pizza was baked in less than 10 minutes and I also had to add some ketchup on top of mine- which I somehow always do.

I nearly ate all of it and I am definitely full, so the next thing I'll do is drink something and lay down to let my belly rest.

Have a nice evening everyone!




  1. Don't be sad, I really believe that you will get in Uni!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    And I also believe that you'll be alright :)

  2. sweetcorn on a pizza is soooo nice! these look super yummy! good luck with uni, try to stay positive! id love it if youd comment back xx