Monday, 16 February 2015

Flight Problems Again!

I've already mentioned that my cousin will be staying with us for a week and today is her flight date. She is at the same airport I've been in January,  waiting for the flight at the same time as mine. And the strange thing is that her flight is also delayed due to a previous flight, which also is delayed. Her actual flight would be in five minutes, but just now it says that the estimated departure is in less than two hours. The delay doesn't change just now, but who knows how this will go on for the rest of the evening?
I would be really happy if she could leave in those two hours, because that's still not too bad, but I'll start worrying a lot if more delays should come up.
This incident seems so strange to me that I even called Glasgow airport to find out what the problem is, but they actually don't have that info.
I feel really bad for her that she has to go through this as well, and also fir Eryk's dad, since he's going to drive us there and back in the middle of the night-again.

I started preparing everything for her arrival yesterday evening and was continuing all day long with Eryk.  I really can't wait to see her and to finally spend some time with her again. I just really hope that the flight won't be delayed any more and I'll be fine.

I think this connection is unlucky, because this is really a strange coincidence...

We are waiting and keeping in touch all the time.
Now I'll go and eat some chocolate cake to cheer up a bit.

Hope you all had a better start of the week than the two of us!



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