Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Favourite Shoes

Today I thought about all the shoes I have in my wardrobe and would like to do a Shoe Collection video maybe in a week. But now I want to show you the shoes I kind of like the most at the moment.
I picked 5 pairs.

The first pair for today are my "brogue" ballet flats from the brand Lasocki, that I got in Vienna before summer.I had a similar pair before and I wore it until it was not acceptable any more. This pair is made of leather and the colour is a light caramel brown I'd say. It has little cute laces and I love wearing them with black tights and skater dresses (especially cute summer dresses). I wore them throughout the summer and autumn, and now I'm giving them a little break until it gets warmer again.

The second pair is quite new and they are those black leather loafers from Clarks. They look quite smart and again I love wearing them with dresses and skirts when it's not too cold. 
An important thing I have to say about those shoes is that the insoles are SOO soft! It literally feels like I'm walking on cushions! I am in love with them and am so happy that I got them. They are sturdy and I feel like my feet are in place all the time, so that I'm not gonna lose a shoe on the street.
You could also check them out here: CLARKS

The next pair is my newest addition to my shoe collection that I got about a week ago, very spontaneously. I was definitely not supposed to buy such kind of shoes, but I thought they'd be comfortable for date/ party nights or so. (Or just to keep them in the closet). I really like the look of the black fake leather part above the toes. The rest is a black suede material, including the 13cm wedge heel. They are more comfortable than stiletto heels, so I guess you can't go wrong by getting one pair of those. I bought them at TkMaxx but I think they are not really from a specific brand.

Another pair of heels. I don't even wear them often. But since I'm a girl/ young woman, it would be adequate for some events to wear heels instead of flats. ( The hard life of a woman...) I fell in love with this pair immediately when I saw them at TkMaxx in Poland. I literally just quickly tried them on and went to the check outs with them. They are Carvela's by Kurt Geiger, but unfortunately not made of leather. They are shiny and classical in my opinion, but the thin straps add a nice detail to them. The heel itself is quite thin, but not too high (10 cm). I actually wore them out for the first time last week when we went to the party and I even had to run in them for the bus ( due to my boyfriend, who thinks that this is so easy, especially in the streets of Edinburgh). My feet were only a bit sore since I had to walk really fast and to run, but I didn't feel like my feet were falling off, which is good.
They are currently on sale HERE.

And the last pair is my neon pink pair of Vans Authentic's. I got them in Vienna before summer I think and I loved wearing them while my legs are tanned. The contrast between my tanned legs and the pink material was so cool! I even wore them with skater skirts and jumpers. They are easy to pair with many different outfits and they just add such a vibrant detail to your look. I had many pairs of Vans and I definitely have to say that I love them and I will always keep return to them. To me they are really comfortable, since they are quite wide in the toe part, which gives my poor ingrowing nails some comfort.
You actually can't tell from the picture how neon pink they are, just in case you're wondering. 

Which pair did you like most??