Sunday, 8 February 2015

January Favourites | Beauty & Hair

Maybe it's a bit late, but I still decided to add a post about my favourite beauty products after a long while of not sharing them.
I picked five products that I thought I loved a lot throughout January.

Starting with hair, I have to say that I finally found the perfect shampoo for me. And it is definitely not new to me! I've been using this for years back in Austria and thought of trying out something new over here in the UK. But the last two TRESemme shampoos I've tried disappointed me a lot, the Ultra Doux from Garnier wasn't good either and when I've ran out of shampoo one day, I quickly grabbed this one from Pantene Pro-V in the supermarket. I chose the smooth&silk version, since my hair is prone to frizz and it looks damaged, which it not necessarily is.
After using it only once, I knew that this shampoo is perfect for my hair and that I should continue using it. Using it is so easy, my hair doesn't stick together, it lets the water through, it rinses completely and it leaves my hair pretty and clean!

Another item for my hair is my TangleTeezer that I got when I came back from my Christmas holidays. I found the pastel colours so cute and since it was the last one on the shelf I couldn't resist. I already have a detangle brush from Nashi Argan and the TangleTeezer's bristles are a bit thinner and seem to detangle the hair even better. I kind of use both brushes, but I really love this brush and wouldn't change to a usual brush any more!

Next I chose my nail hardener from Bielenda that I totally love! I already featured it in a separate post, which you can read here! It really does help my nails and I use it every day. My nails still break sometimes but they definitely got harder and grow longer until they break. The hardener is transparent so it leaves your nails shiny and before summer I would never leave the house without painted nails but during summer I thought I could use the time I'd spend for painting my nails, doing something nice, so I kind of got used to my natural nails and don't freak out any more when my nails are not painted.

When it comes to skincare I got a face cream a long time ago -basically around this time last year- but I never use it on a regular basis. However, lately I found that my face has some dry patches and even if I use a face scrub to exfoliate it, the dry skin stays on and doesn't look good underneath concealer and powder. So, I tried to use the face scrub and the face cream from bebe young care afterwards on the zones where the dryness occurs most. I then put on my make-up as usual and it looks much better. The cream also has a nice smell and a light consistency. Sometimes, after removing my make-up I feel like my skin is quite sore and irritated and I put on a thin layer of the cream before going to bed and it makes my face feel nicer.

And the last product I wanted to share with you is my Urban Decay Perversion mascara that I love! I got it in the Urban Decay Naked On the Run palette and used it in Poland and fell in love with it instantly. It definitely is one of the best mascaras I've used and it also has a matching base coat, which I'd love to try out! Once I'll need to get a new mascara, I'll try to get my hands on the set! It makes my lashes look longer, it is buildable and also the packaging looks so pretty and glamorous. The only thing I've found a bit annoying is that after some hours of wearing it, I always find a tiny, fine black, vertical line just underneath my eyebrows, where the lash tips touch my skin. It goes away easily, but it does happen every time.

Another thing I'd love to share with you is yesterday's video when I went to the seaside!



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