Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Cooking Dinner And Day Out

Today we got up a bit late because we were so exhausted from last night. My cousin arrived at half past 11 at night and we got home past 1. We went to bed after 2 and were happy to be in a cosy bed.

Today we decided to go and take a walk around Princes Street and George Street, since it's a good start to check out the city, I think.
We got home quite late and we were so tired and hungry that first we decided to have a cup of hot tea and then we started cooking. We cooked some rice with a vegetable sauce, which I liked a lot!

Now our bellies are full and we are about to watch a movie all together and have some snacks for the rest of the evening.

We also wrote down 9 places we'd like to go to this week and I also haven't seen a lot of them yet, so it will also be a fun experience for me.



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