Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Hair Story 2010-2015

Since I always had incredibly thick hair, my mum never allowed me to grow it long. The longest I got was about down to my shoulders. When I was 12 I started letting it grow a bit longer and I got a fringe, going from left to right. Once my hair got past my shoulders I decided to get it cut really short.
This was summer 2010, and everyone, including me, thought it was a great idea. I got a bob and was happy with it for the first week.
It looked cute and sleek and everything. But with time, when my hair started growing back, it just didn't grow the way I wanted it. It didn't want to get straight and it was sitting on my shoulders, which made the ends point outwards, and this drives me crazy.
I started wearing it in a ponytail until it got acceptable, or until I could at least straighten it somehow. I knew I would never cut my hair this short again.

A year later, in 2011, during summer, my hair was already much longer and looked much better. I didn't cut it at all, only chopped the fringe when I needed to.
(Also, this picture was taken the minute I met Eryk for the first time!)

Spring 2012 was finally here and I went on a school trip to Cambridge. The winter before me and my cousin Dani decided to dye a part of our hair (the layer just above the neck) turquoise, and we kept it for I think 3 or 4 months this way. I really loved the colour when it was freshly dyed, but with time it would get green and yellow and this started annoying me. My hair was also getting longer, which made me happy!

Summer came and I still didn't cut my hair at this time and you could already really tell that it was damaged and needed to get chopped off quickly.
The turquoise layer went fully back to the bleached colour, which was not a pure blonde, but more a gingery shade. I thought it looked fine and didn't want to damage it even more by dying it brown or so. 
Some days later I finally had the appointment with my favourite hairdresser and I got the worst part chopped!
I also got some layers cut as you can see, to make my hair less voluminous. This is such an ironic thing, because now I try to cut my hair straight in order to give it the volume back!

In autumn, my hair grew back quite a bit and I felt that it was soo long at the time!
At least it was healthy and thick! ( I am wearing shorts in this picture, you just can't tell hahaha!)

And then it was winter again, the beginning of 2013. My hair was super long already and this is the only photo I could find, where you can tell. My hair looks horrible, since it was snowing heavily and it was all wet and tangled, but it gives you an impression of how long it was by that time.

The next picture was also taken in April, so you can see it better here. I straightened it a bit and had a French braid from my "fringe" that was already all gone by that time because I got bored and annoyed of it. It was so pretty!

Summer 2013, my hair got really long and I didn't didn't really care about if it was super sleek and straight, I wore braids most of the time because it was just way more comfortable with all the tanning and tanning oils and body lotions and the heat. I also had a synthetic blue braid that I got at the seaside in Poland, and it started getting loose and move downwards as you can tell.

Early winter 2013 came and with it, it was finally time for our prom! I managed to grow my hair reaally long by this time and my mum created this beautiful hairstyle. It was in the making for a night and half a day since my hair is completely horrible to do something with it. But in the end I had quite pretty curls, that were really long and I just felt like a princess this day. This time my hair  was definitely the longest it has ever been in my entire life!

In Spring 2014 my hair was still so long and I got it cut a bit finally again to make it look healthier after such a long time again.

It was quite short compared to the picture before but it just felt so pretty and I was happy that I cut it once again. I knew already that my hair grows extremely fast and that I wouldn't need to regret cutting it more often. My priority is to have healthy long hair, not only as long as possible.

Before summer 2014 it was sooo long again and I knew it was time to cut it again in summer once I'm in Poland. 

This picture was taken in summer already, days before cutting it a lot again.  It looked soo pretty, and wasn't too damaged but I knew that it would be healthier and so I cut it again as you can tell from the next picture.

I didn't want any more layers, but my hairdresser told me that it would be better to trim the hair around my face a bit, so we did.

This picture was taken in December 2014, which was not so long ago and I just realised now how long my hair was again! It is so incredible how fast it grows!!

When I went to Poland for Christmas, I cut it spontaineously and am happy that I did.  This time we cut it more straight and you can tell that nearly all of my hair is the same length now.

Right now my hair ends a bit lower than my waist, and they do look a bit shorter in the picture, but they are really healthy now and I am thinking that maybe I'll get a bit cut in April again, or if it will be still pretty, in summer.

For the last two years I'd say, my hair didn't really change any more but with the pictures I would like to show that hair can really grow fast and that it is not worth keeping it uncut for years because if it looks healthier, it looks prettier, no matter if it is super long!

I also have to admit that I really prefer my longer hair and try my best to keep it healthy. It really means a lot to me and I am obsessed with looking after it, you could say.




  1. oh wow i am sooo jealous of your hair its gorgeous! i wish i had such long hair but my hair is too thin to grow to that length! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Your hair is so similar to mine.
    Right now my hair is just a liiittle bit longer..
    Some days it just makes me go crazy because of the wind and so on my hair is tangled and literally everywhere on my face, but some days I just love it..
    I also love to try many products to keep my lengths healthy! :)

    1. Oh I know this pain, long hair can be so pretty, but bad weather makes me go crazy!

  3. It’s great that you like your long hair, and that you are able to achieve your target length. It looks good on you, and it gives you a strong, mature vibe. I guess it's really all just a matter of the right treatment, styling, and hair care. Keep it up!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshall’s Folsom

    1. Thank you so much for your nice words!
      I really do love my hair and am pretty happy with how it looks like just now, even though it could be longer, healthier and easier to wash and dry! Hahaha :D

  4. Your long hair helps to record your life in inches. You can look at the length when you got married.