Thursday, 12 February 2015

Polish Doughnut Day And Purple Tulips

I had a fairly good day at College and I also realised that today is "Tlusty Czwartek" in Poland, which is basically a day where you eat as many doughnuts as your body will allow. And this is a great day, isn't it? It is a tradition really to buy and eat them on this day so I thought I'd go to ASDA and get some, but then I thought that the Polish shops for sure have tons of them today and I decided to go to one and check. And they had boxes full of typical polish doughnuts! I totally love them and I could never find such doughnuts in Vienna, since they are just different. And finally, here in Scotland, my dream came true and I found the perfect doughnuts in the world. Not even in Poland did I have such nice ones, and I am just so sad that I only bought four. But, maybe I shouldn't eat too many of them either ( even though I had about 4 on average on those days).

So, I'll just spend the evening watching videos and eating all of my doughnuts. Not even sorry!

And, I also bought some other things in this polish shop, because it's just amazing!
Then I went to Lidl to get some new tulips and this time I chose purple ones, which I think are also very pretty. I put them on the window sill next to my red roses and I feel happy now with so many flowers in the room. Looks way prettier and fresher and it makes me feel like winter is finally leaving. ( Even though we can't be sure)

Tomorrow my holidays actually start, but I'll be working this weekend any ways. And I am so excited for Monday because my cousin will have her flight from Poland to Scotland and I just can't wait to see her and spend the week with her!

Hope you all have a nice evening!

PS; Check out the last vlog, before the new one goes live tomorrow!
Someone apparently got bored, cause I lost one subsriber on Google+ and Youtube, but that's fine.



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