Saturday, 7 February 2015

Portobello Beach

It was a beautiful day once again, here in Edinburgh and I decided that after so many months of not being there, it is definitely time for a beach walk! It was quite a long bus ride for me but eventually I got there and it was very sunny and not so windy as I thought it would be. The sea always impresses me, no matter where it is. It makes me feel so calm, the sound of the waves makes me feel relaxed and sometimes I even think I'd love to live just by the sea. But then again the waves and wind would probably drive me crazy at night since my sleep is not so deep and I wake up to every sound really.

Once it gets warmer I'd totally love to go there more often again with Eryk, to sit down and have a snack, to take some pictures and to film a bit again. There is also a cute cafe called The Tide, that we've been to twice already. You can find a lot of art in there and you can buy those pieces too. It is just a cute little place to sit down and have a hot chocolate and some tasty shortbread.

Beach selfie- of course all wrapped up and with messy hair...

There are so many dogs every time I go there, they are so cute!

This is how I travel across Edinburgh. I still have no idea how to get to other places than the 44 bus goes ( and even this is complicated enough!), so I use my GPS and I somehow manage to not get lost. Hahaha, such a loser!

PS: I filmed some scenes today and I will upload the short video to Youtube soon- make sure you check it out for some more seaside impressions! -> VLOG

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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  1. aw sounds like you had such a lovely time :) id love it if youd comment back xx