Sunday, 27 April 2014

A little bit of luxury...

Today in the morning the girls of my family went to my aunt's house for a cup of tea and coffee and to sit in the garden as the weather was very nice.
After that we came home and my family had to leave already, because they needed to go back to Poland.
However, we will see each other in May again, as we're going to Poland for the weekend.

For my birthday I got some Lindt nougat and I just couldn't resist and had to try them today.
Oh dear... I am definitely addicted to nougat, I am telling you!
There are little cubes of nougat in the package and they already look so cute and when you eat them they melt on your tongue and taste absolutely amazing!
My mum knew what I would love to get. :D She is actually the Lindt person, but when it comes to nougat, I don't care what brand it is- it most likely is perfect anyways!

Just look at them! They look so cute!

So yes, I recommend them to everyone that loves nougat because they are really a dream!



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