Monday, 7 April 2014

Travel preparation!

As I am leaving on Saturday morning, I started already writing a check list with all the things I have to take with me, I got alredy the coach and flight tickets and I just need to pack my bags on Thursday evening and buy a magazine or two because I'll be waiting quite a long time at the airport and the flight is also three hours long so I'll need to entertain myself up there. I'll also have to see what bag I'm going to take with me because I have two of them and one of them is a bit bigger but more comfortable and the other one is a bit smaller which would be more practical because I don't want them to take my luggage away at the airport.
I am already very excited and I just want to land safely in Scotland because the creepy Malaysian flight makes me scared a bit, and usually I am not scared of flying at all!
And I am also scared that I'll get lost at the departure airport because I've only landed there twice but never had a flight from there. But in three hours time I will probably know where exactly everything is and I won't be worried anymore, it's just a thing I worry about now.

I mean I was flying so many times on my own already that I'll menage to find everything and to get on the right plane and to land on the right airport, so don't worry, I'll be fine :D



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