Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Feeling British?


Today is already the third day of me being in Scotland and I didn't manage to post anything yesterday!
Yesterday we woke up and the weather was just amazing! I woke up at 8 and told Eryk that we really need to go out because the weather was just fantastic. So we got ready and headed over to Ocean Terminal which was quite a long bus ride away, but when we arrived there, we first went to exchange my money, than grabbed some breakfast from Greggs and sat down outside in the sun and enjoyed our pies and donuts and all the other British things we bought there. After that we went to Boots and GAP and some other shops, but I only bought some things in Boots that I needed and then we went back home as Eryk had to leave for work soon. So after we arrived home, we just got ready to leave again and Eryk, his brother and me took the bus to Eryk's work, had something to eat and left Eryk as he needed to start work already. Patryk and I went to TkMaxx and some other nearby shops and bought small things for the house and then we headed back home at about 8pm. Sadly, the bus broke down just in the middle of the road and it would be a one hour walk home for us so we just waited for another bus and arrived home at 9pm. After two hours Eryk also arrived home.

Today I woke up at about 9 and again the weather was just brilliant. We got up, made ourselves some tasty breakfast, we had crumpets and tea, and then I washed my hair, we got ready and left to go to Princes Street. There we had to part because Eryk needed to sort some things out and I went to Urban Outfitters, Vans, and New Look where Eryk picked me up. Then we also went to River Island and bought some things, then got on the bus and drove to a shop because we needed even more crumpets and butter and stuff and then when we arrived home we were paying in the garden tanning.

Pinky Princess corner!

Nice jam!

So tasty! <3

Such a lonely living room :(

Hello from the garden! :)

Garden selfie :)

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PS: Happy Birthday to my lovely Kinga <3



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