Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Another British day :)


Today we woke up very early and were on our way to the bus at 9am already. We first had to go to Scotmid because we had no lose change for my bus ticket. Then we finally took the bus and got off at St James Shopping Centre. I didn't buy many things today either but some small things again as always.
We got some cookied from Millie's cookies, which were amazing and we also went to Subway for lunch. Then we took our bus back home, bought some things at ASDA and made ourselves something to eat once we arrived at home. I am quite exhausted and Eryk just left for work. I'm going to eat my favourite Doritos, watch some youtube videos and study a bit.
Sadly, the weather is not so nice today. I wore my new dress and my cardigan and my black faux leather jacket and it was really windy again.

Tasty breakfast <3

OOTD: Cardigan from H&M, thights from H&M, purse from I am, dress from New Look, Vans

Pretty flower <3

Just a seagull chilling there...

Red Velvet cookies <3

Got a new cup from my boyfriend <3



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