Saturday, 26 April 2014

My 18th Birthday!

Hello guys!
This evening I just turned 18. My family came from Poland to celebrate with me and we had a small home party. We were 14 people, with two birthday cakes and two other cakes and also the muffins that I made. We had very good dinner that my mum and aunt prepared and we spent this day in a very nice atmosphere. I am very happy and I want to thank my family for all the effort they put into this special day.
I think that pictures will describe this day better to you than words.

My cousin Olimpia insisted on buying me these straws-with the Disney princesses on, and I had the one with Rapunzel

Noah is quite a poser... at the age of not even 5! :D

Cute pictures with dad :D

....Escalating :D

One of the two cakes. It was amazing! <3

As you can see, my make up was quite dark today. I had my Golden Rose liquid eye liner on and also a black pencil eye liner from Look under my lower lashes. I also wore the Astor lip balm and my Estée Lauder mascara.

All the family ladies :) (And granny is missing because she didn't come over)

I got exactly 18 roses in different colours, and even though I normally don't like roses, I have to say that these ones are really beautiful!

I also got a bouquet of tulips :3

And here are my gifts- I got some things, money and my mum said that my parents will also pay for my driving licence. So I got a pinky champagne (just because Olimpia told my mum that I really wanted to have it- but only because of the colour :D ), I also got an album from Eryk's parents with all nice pictures that Eryk and I have taken together over the last three years. It is really beautiful and I will surely keep it forever.

From my uncle Artur and his girlfriend Ania I got a beautiful necklace that has silver and golden elements, and also some tiny shiny stones in it.

From my aunt, uncle, Dani and her sister Lena I got a golden heart for a necklace. In the heart there are tiny white crystal bits. It is so beautiful! <3

I got this gift a bit earlier, as it arrived from my cousin Madzia from Poland. It is a beautiful delicate wristband with an infinity sign. Our relationship has always been amazing and we just can't live without each other! <3

I also got some Lindt nougat from my mum because she knows that I am obsessed with nougat <3

My parents also gave me this book with nice messages and pictures, they also wrote all wishes inside of it and that they will pay the driving license for me when I'll want to do it.

Also from my cousin Madzia I got this amazing lipgloss from Inglot. I remember Eryk finding this in the Inglot shop in December and we thought it was so cool! Then, in February I showed this to my cousin and now I have it! It is shiny and you can compare it to a fish basically, it changes its colour when it moves. It is just amazing! It smells sooo good and it also keeps my lips hydrated, it doesn't dry out on them or anything. This lipgloss is just brilliant!

And the last thing I wanted to show you are two silver necklaces that I also got from my parents. I know that I will use them in my life and they are so pretty, even though there are so simple!

These were all the things that I wanted to show you today. I had an amazing day and it could just get better if Eryk was here. <3



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