Thursday, 3 April 2014

Camera, what are you doing?

Hi guys!
It got late already and I am studying for my last biology test ever, I am ok with it but I am not too sure about one chapter and it makes me freak out. I hate revising all the time and oh god. Hopefully I'll pass all my finals in May and June so I'll never have to do this before, at least until Uni.

As I am sitting in my bed doing some breaks, I often take my camera and just start photographing random things. I don't even know why. So here's what I am doing when I try not to freak out while studying all day long:

Black and white pictures are from yesterday and normal ones were taken today

Tea <3

I don't even know when I cleaned up the mess in the room last time. It is literally so messy that I can't live normally in here anymore. Tomorrow is cleaning up day!

Chocolate <3


/Tortellinis on my school things YAYS!

Getting all the ladies with his (mine!) "wristbands"

Selfie, of course!



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