Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My OOTD 26: Last day of school barbecue

Today was officially my last day of school ever!
Some of us decided just not to go and have a barbecue at a friends house. There were 9 of us and the weather was so beautiful! It is really warm today and the girls were all wearing dresses, and I had a skirt on. We had some nice food and afterwards everybody was so full and wanted to sleep. So the girls were laying in the sun enjoying the weather and the guys were just watching some videos and being in their own world.
After some time there was a surprise for me and a guy from my class, who was also there. As you may probably know, my birthday was on Saturday, and his birthday was just a week before mine. So Nina made us an amazing chocolate strawberry cake, which was soooooooo cute of her! <3
After eating the cake everybody was even more full and again the girls enjoyed the sun and the guys were playing soccer.
I really enjoyed this day especially because I could spend the time with my best girls and I will miss them so much once I leave Austria. They are really the best friends I could have and I love them so much! <3

So here is my outfit of today! :)

I wore my skirt and shirt from Forever21 and my black H&M cardigan...

I also had a burgundy bag from Primark...

Also, I wore my new Apart bracelet. My nailpolish is the Barry M- 346 Raspberry one.

I also wore my shoes from Lasocki.

And here is finally my face!  :D

Have a nice week! :)




  1. Love you too sweety :)
    I am surely going to visit you in Scotland :)

    1. awww thaank you! <3 I will be waiting for you! :)