Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hello Scotland!


So yesterday I finally arrived in Scotland after a 2,5 hour flight and more than 1 hour coach drive.
Eryk picked me up and we just needed to get some food in town before we even went home. We also went to ASDA to buy some food and came home in the late afternoon. Sadly, my head and knees were so sore after the flight that I just wanted to lay down and relax a bit. The boys were playing on their computers which both are set up in Eryk's and mine bedroom, and I fell asleep after midnight I believe. When I woke up, I realised that the computers were turned on but the boys were gone. So I decided to find them and they were downstairs eating Doritos in the kitchen at 2 am. Well, I went back to sleep and Eryk and I decided to get up at 9 so we could have breakfast in a nice cafe nearby at 10. But we woke up before 10, got ready and took the bus to Eryk's parents because they invited us for some family dinner. Afterwards we went to Boots to get some medicine for me and then home. The weather wasn't too nice today because it was very windy and cloudy and it also rained a bit, but now it was actually sunny and still windy but it isn't raining any more.
Tomorrow we want to go to Ocean Terminal to exchange my money and check out the shops. In the evening Eryk is going to work and probably Patryk and me are going to some shops or something.
So, here you have some pictures and come back soon for more infos! :)

waiting for the flight...

clouds and nothing else!

airplane selfie :3

I look quie creepy here :O

I think Eryk takes really awesome pictures!

and of course, porridge :3

porridge with bananas and Oreo stuff :)

See? The weather looks nice now!

Peaceful view <3



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