Friday, 25 April 2014

Birthday preparations with new helpers!

Tomorrow is my 18th Birthday and my aunt, uncle and their two daughters came from Poland last night to stay with us on this day. My cousin Olimpia and I decided to bake muffins and my aunt and mum are baking cakes and preparing meals for tomorrow's family party. It is quite messy here right now because there are three kids and they are all hyper! We can't stop them and every child needs to be watched after by a different person.

Well, I wanted to show you some pictures! :)

All of the ingredients for the birthday muffins :)

Well, the white ones look pretty good...

But the pink ones! Just like ice cream!

Just look at them! I can't wait to eat them already! The smell of them is killing me!

And here we have a hyper monkey :)

And here we have two of them! And they are fighting because of a slipper...

I hope you have a nice weekend and I hope that I won't get ill because my throat is very sore and I have a cough and that's not nice :(
I will try to enjoy my Birthday tomorrow and I hope that the weather will be better than today, because now it is really cloudy and raining from time to time.

PS: My graduation day is the 23.6. This means that I'll start the countdown. :)



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