Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunny days are welcome!

I am sorry that I am writing so late again, but we returned home quite late and had to sort out some home stuff so yeah, let's start now :)

Today we wanted to sleep a bit longer so we had breakfast at about 12, which is quite late, but nevermind.
So, we had a huge breakfast, got ready, went to Sainsbury's, KFC, M&S and TKMaxx, then to Eryk's parents and then we got home.
And yes, I bought a third dress already :D

So here you have some pictures of the day :)
The weather was lovely again and I am so happy about that!

I love my new mug! It is so cute!

Today I had some porridge with a pear, which was new and interesting ;)

Many things for a big breakfast!

Eryk had a fresh baguette with Philadelphia, some beans, a crumpet with strawberry jam and coffee, and I had the porridge, a piece of the baguette with slightly salty butter, also a crumpet with strawberry jam and some amazing tea with cranberry juice and raspberry syrup :)

We were also watching our little neighbour sitting on his shed, wanting to climb over into our garden, he's so cute!

And here I am with my eyes nearly closed because of the sun :D

Happy Easter everyone! <3



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