Thursday, 24 April 2014

My OOTD 24: A day home

Today I actually didn't go to school as I had no lessons I'd really need to attend anymore. I slept a bit longer because I was a bit exhausted yesterday and then started studying. At 1 my mum called me because we had to go to the bank to sort out some things and I also had so many coints that I wanted to change them into paper money finally. So, we spent quite a while there and just came home. It is really warm outside and that's quite cool, but it doesn't make me too happy still because I miss Eryk so much, that nothing really can brighten up my day right now. It is really horrible when you can't see your partner after being together for some time and enjoying it.
Tomorrow is actually Eryk's last day of school and I am so happy for him! Mine is on Wednesday, which is also very soon! If the weather is good, we will probably do a class barbecue or something like that.
I counted the days until 23.6. and until then there are still 60 days left. I don't know when I am going to see Eryk again because we don't know whether he could come and visit me, or if I am going to fly to Scotland after my finals, but then I wouldn't spend any time with my family before moving out, so this plan needs to get sorted out as well, as soon as possible.
I always did the countdown at the end of each post, and it always was the countdown to Eryk's and mine meet up. We've done this since we  know each other and it was always calming us down, knowing when we're going to see each other again. Now, this time, we can't really say when this day is going to be, but it really should be in June when I finish school officially. As I said, we are not sure who is going to be going where and when so I don't really know what countdown to do. I was thinking of doing it until 23.6. because this would be the last possible day of my finals and my graduation and after that we could see each other finally again. We'll see soon hopefully.

But now over to my outfit; it is very comfortable and I like it so here it is!

Nice duck-face selfie :D
As you can see I tried to do a messy bun and I am not too sure how it looks on me, but I went outside like this :D

I am wearing my Pimkie jumper, a black H&M top and my favourite Bershka jeans. I was also wearing my new cute leather shoes that I didn't show you yet because I am waiting for the April collective/Edinburgh haul to show you everything I got this month.

BUT I can show you my amazing slippers instead! I always hated slippers and I would never wear them anywhere! And now once I've been in our new house and Eryk found these in ASDA I just couldn't resist and we bought them. And now I am wearing them all the time! They remind me so much of our home <3

And my nails look like this, I've used a new nail polish that I bought in Edinburgh and come back the next days to find out which one it is! :)

Have a nice week everyone! :)



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