Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lazy Sunday again!

Hello dear readers!
Today I only needed to do my powerpoint presentation for Latin tomorrow and I am really happy that I cna have a rest for at least a day. To be honest, I should finish my RE work today, but I nearly finished it anyways so it won't take me too long to get it done! Wooohoo!

As I am staying at home today, not leaving my bed I wanted to show you my tasty breakfast.

Oh, and yes, the party was great, we cooked really nice food and I was laughing a lot, so I enjoyed it. But sadly, I left after midnight because my knees were too sore to even stand or walk around.


Having some coffee today

Nomnomnom <3

Let's have some fruits with porridge, because there are definitely more fruits than porridge :D

I like such mornings :)

PS: I just realised that I've accidentally used a filter on my camera and now the pictures are blurry and dark.
 But the last one is a normal one :)

Oh dear, it is so unreal that in less than a week, I'll finally see my lovliest boyfriend again <3 I really can't wait anymore <3



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