Saturday, 5 April 2014


Today is the party and I am already excited and I hope it'll be great fun!
I woke up, went to some friends of my family for an hour, came back and baked muffins and I really hope that they'll be tasty! I also made my make up and picked my outfit and I just wanted to show you some pictures before I leave :)

Tasty breakfast!

Silver spacy nails!

My outfit I wore in the morning;
Primark dress from Cambridge, H&M cardigan

Helper not really helpful today :(

300 g of chocolate? Of course! 

Not sure if it looks nice or gross!

Selfie, selfie, selfie time

Nearly ready!

H&M dress, some nice thights and black lacquer ballerinas from Funky shoes that I don't wear in this picture

Hair looks finally quite nice, hopefully for the rest of the evening as well!

If you're wondering how long my hair is, here you are!

Ready to go :)

Muffins ready to eat! <3

Have a nice weekend every one!



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