Wednesday, 9 April 2014

More preparations going on!

Today in school we watched a movie and afterwards we went to the cinema to watch another movie, oh dear.
After "school" I went home and watched a series with my mum. The weather changed again during the day and I just hate that because I am getting so tired and I would sleep all day and night long. I wanted to have a nap but then I decided to apply for another course in College because I am not really getting replies yet and I need to continue education.
Then my mum told me to go to the shop and I bought myself two magazines as I have to wait three hours at the airport on Saturday and also I'll be on a 1,5 hours coach ride to the airport earlier. I told myself to go to bed later on Friday, wake up earlier on Saturday to head to the aiport and I'll still have to wait there for three hours but I told myself to keep awake so that I can fall asleep on the plane to have a quick journey.
Hopefully, my plan will work out!
I also have to tell that I didn't pack my bag yet and I really need to do that tomorrow because there is not much time left. Tomorrow I think that I'll finish school at 7pm again which means that I'll be very tired when I come home. And on Friday we are going to additional maths classes again in the afternoon so I'll be home before 5pm probably. And I don't like packing my bags the evening before leaving somewhere because I don't want to forget anything important. So, tomorrow will be packing time already!
Today I should actually clean up the mess in my room but this wouldn't make any sense because once I start packing my bags the mess will be back so I'll just wait until I packed my bag and then I'll clean up before leaving.

Well, the magazines are quite heavy, BUT I need to entertain myself somehow!

Look at the huge mess in my room! It is not normal to have such a mess!

Other side doesn't look better :/


Oh god I am already so excited for this flight and I can't wait to land already in Edinburgh!
I can't even believe that the time has finally come!



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