Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April/Edinburgh Collective Haul

Today I will show you loads of things that I got this month, and it is nearly crazy that I got all these things in jut a month. But, if you read my blog you will know that I have been to Scotland and I just had to buy some things there and this is the result.
Also, there is another Birthday gift included.

Right, so I had similar shoes, which you can see a tiny bit of in the corners, and they got destroyed after two years of wearing them. I really liked them and decided to buy ones that would also be nice and here we are! These ones are made of leather and from Lasocki.

As I arrived in Scotland, I needed a shower gel and a body lotion so I picked these. The Original Source shower gel smells amazing and is very creamy! I have used like half of it just being in Scotland. The Garnier body lotion smells also very nice and it dries quickly after applying it, which made me very happy. However, it keeps your skin very moisturized and I am really sad that I could only take 100ml of it home. :( Hopefully it will wait for me!

When I arrived, there was already a new shampoo waiting for me, but my hair also needs some extra care, so I just picked the first hair conditioner I found in Scotmid and I have to say that it is quite good! I didn't use a spray conditioner there, but I found an Argan oil from Schwarzkopf in Boots so I decided to try it out as I was thinking of buying one for a longer time already. It is said to reduce frizz, and when I blow dry my hair there is baby hair all over my head and it just looks like my hair is damaged even though it isn't. When I used this oil, my hair looked nearly smooth! I was really amazed and now I use it before drying it. I am really happy that I got this product.

I also had to buy a make up remover and I also grabbed this one from Scotmid. I wasn't sure about it because I've never seen this brand before but it is really good! It removes my mascara in seconds and it smells nice as well. Also, I could only take 100ml of this one home, but I also have to use my Bioderma, so that's not too tragic. I also left my concealer in Edinburgh as it got empty and I was planning on buying the Collection Lasting Perfection one because I've seen many Youtube girls recommending it. So I bought it and I am quite happy with it, but still, my dark circles under my eyes are visible. And when I was waiting in Bratislava for my flight to Edinburgh my lips were so dry already and I was scared of the plane air and decided to quickly buy a lip balm and as I had this one already in summer and left it in Scotland because it was empty, I needed to buy this. It is so amazing! It is by far the best lip balm I've ever had!

I also brought one nail polish with me, but found this one from Barry M in River Island and just had to get it. Now I also needed a nail polish remover so I just grabbed the Cutex one from Boots. I left it in Scotland so I can use it later on. And also these cute little babies were needed. My nails are extremely horrible and they always break and they drive me crazy so I decided to buy the emery boards because they were small and I could have them in my bags in case my nail breaks again.

In my OOTD's you probably saw already my new dresses. This one is navy and has little diamonds, hearts on so on. On the back it has a cut out which I think looks so cool! I bought this dress in River Island and Eryk chose it for me! :)

I bought this dress in New Look because I had nothing to wear in Scotland. My family loves it and so do I. I think it is so girly but also very pretty and I could wear it all the time!

You maybe saw my teddy slippers already. Eryk and I got them in ASDA because I thought I'd need slippers and Eryk said I should take these and now I love them! Usually I never ever wear slippers but since I've got them I can't leave them alone anymore! They are so warm and fluffy and comfortable!

And I also got a third dress in Edinburgh. This one is from TkMaxx and I remember being there and Eryk was watching things for our house and I just ran to the dresses and after a while he came to take me to the house things and I said "I am in heaven" and he was laughing and saying that I am cute, but I really couldn't leave without buying at least one dress. So I bought this one. I wore it already on Easter and on my Birthday party. And as you can see, my slippers as well!

Now, yesterday I wanted to go to a shop and see if they had the Vans I wanted so badly but they didn't so I went to Forever21 and found these sandals. They are grey and very shiny with a tiny strap across the ankle and the back part is black. I am not too sure how they look like but I just thought they would be really ncie for summer and couldn't leave them behind.

And I also bought a new skirt there as I ave only one, that I wear all the time, and to have something I could combine it with easily, I just grabbed a basic beige shirt. I really love the colours of this skirt and I can't wait to wear it!

And here we have a Dior lipgloss that I got from my friend Nina, because she got it for her birthday but said that she never wears lipgloss so she just gave it to me. Well, so here you are, my new lipgloss :P

And here we have my birthday gift that I got from my friend Nicole. When she was in France she got herself such a cute box and I always said that it is so beautiful and practical and I wanted one so badly. And now I got it for my birthday! :3 I like it so much!

I also got two bra's from Marks&Spencer in Edinburgh, but I don't really feel like showing you my underwear so I just won't show them here. :D
Then I also got a shaver in Edinburgh that I just needed, but again I don't things this is an interesting thing to watch. :D
And I also got a snack box from TkMaxx where you can put youghurt and fruits inside in two different parts and you put them together, and there is also a little spoon that comes in two pieces and you put it together. I just thought it would be a nice thing for having a snack with you when you're out somewhere. :)

So these are all the things I bought this month, I hope. 
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