Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Girls afternoon!

It is 8 pm already and I still think it is about 4 or something.
I came back home half an hour ago because all the girls from PE went bowling anad there were no boys, only girls!
I had a very cool group and we had lots of fun together, I enjoyed this afternoon because school was tiring today and I needed some free time.

I painted my nails yesterday with the Catrice- Robert's Red Ford and I love this colour!

Sexy shoes!

Well, these huge things were nearly too heavy for me and it made me sad :(

7:30 pm and it isn't dark yet! Improvement! Finally it isn't dark at 4!

Well, selfie! Again, my actual favourite jumper :)

I hope you had a nice day! I have to revise some Spanish vocabulary and a bit biology before I go to bed and before I wash my hair.



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