Friday, 18 April 2014

Fresh baguettes

Hello :)

Today, the weather was amazing again and Eryk and I made some crusty baguettes for breakfast, got ready and took the bus to Portobello Beach. It was very sunny and very warm, I only wore my new dress, thights and my cardigan!
Of course in the shadow it was chilly, but in the sun it was amazing. We spent some really nice hours outside today and I am really happy that we decided to go to the beach. Then we went to Scotmid to buy some groceries, went to a park and had a pastry and an apple turnover and went home then. When we arrived on our street we saw a boy walking into our garden and knocking on the door. So we asked him what he wanted and it turned out his ball fell over the fence into our back garden and he just came to take it.
Here you have some pictures of the day :)

Such a beautiful cloudless day <3

Got nice slippers some days ago :3

Tasty breakfast with my darling <3

My dress is from River Island and the rest is already well known I think :)

Princes Street <3

Portobello Beach <3

The Tide is a really nice cafe next to the beach!

So sunny! <3

Castle <3



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