Friday, 4 April 2014

Week update :)

Good evening folks!
Today I actually wrote my last test ever in school time. I mean I still am going to have my finals but I've done all the rest!
I also got an email from college regarding an interview date but I got really worried because they told me to be there on 18.6. but in this week I'm still going to have my finals so I can't go anywhere!
I asked them if they could give me a date that would be after that week because I could geet on a plane, go there, have the interview and Eryk and I could go to Poland together or to Vienna first and then to Poland for example. Oh dear, so stressful! I hope that they are going to take me though because they actually know that I am not in Scotland and that it is not my fault, right?

Alright, so it finally is Friday again and I wanted to show you some week impressions, even though there are not so many this time. Here we go!

University in Vienna

Again University

Pink rice! <3

I wanted to buy tulips, but then it was too late to go back and take them :(

Nomnom <3

More nomnomnom!

Nice retro ghetto blaster I made in physics

Look at it! It is quite ugly but I tried!

I felt like a genius after getting this done. But somehow it still doesn't work :(

So tomorrow is party time! We are going to Nina's place to celebrate her 18th birthday and also the end of our tests!
We got her such a nice gift and I am so jealous :3
I hope she'll like it!

I also am going to bake some muffins tomorrow and take them over.

I hope you're having a nice beginning of the weekend!



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