Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bye Scotland, Hello Austria!

Today at about 2pm I arrived home again. And I am sad, but let's start with Sunday!

On Sunday it was Easter obviously and Eryk's family came over to celebrate, have some dinner and so on, I wrote about this in the last post already.
When they left Eryk came home and we thought that we should spend some time together before I'd leave again. So we decided to go for a walk in the nearby woods. We saw horses, sheep and we just enjoyed this evening together. We now know that we want to go on "dates" more often in the near future, as we never really did so and now we spent time outside the house a lot and Eryk wants to continue this and I also love going out with him, no matter where and when!

Water of Leith

Ballerina <3

We actually found sheep... fighting! And there were about ten sheep standing in a row watching the other two fight! That was really crazy...

Eryk is surfing down the hill :D

A nice chapel, in a nice place!

After this looooong walk we went home and were totally exhausted, but it was really worth it!

Yesterday we woke up quite early again because Eryk had to go to work and I wanted to wash my hair, study a bit and pick him up. Eryk had a job interview in Ocean Terminal after work so we headed over there. After the interview we wanted to buy some things for me but couldn't really find anything.

If you have never seen my hair fresh, like just after washing it, and blowdryging it afterwards, here you are (PS: not such a good look!)

After my hair went back to normal, or at least looked a bit better, I picked Eryk up from work and then we went to this interview and to the shops. Then we met with Patryk in town, did some shopping and went home together in the evening. At home I started packing because we ha to get up at 2:45 in the morning in order to drop me off at the airport. 

Eryk was waiting for two hours with me before I went to the security check and on the plane. We had some breakfast at Nero, cuddled and cried a bit and spent some nice time together. At 5:30 I had to leave Eryk and he went home while I was waiting for still nearly an hour.

After I arrived in Bratislava at 10:25, I still had to wait for an hour for my bus to arrive. Then I was on an 1,5 hours ride to Vienna and then another 30 minutes home. It was a very long journey for me and I am extremely tired!

Of course, I had to bring sweets with me <3

Now Eryk left for work and will be back in about 6 hours. This means that I'll have a nap now, wake up then, spend some time with my family before going to bed again and talk to Eryk while being half asleep, just like every single evening. <3

I already miss my sweetheart so much, but in 2 months we will see each other again and I have to concentrate on school now, so that nothing will complicate this summer.

I hope you had nice Easter holidays, because I really had and it makes me sad that tomorrow I have school again. But this is the last week, so let's do this!



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