Thursday, 10 April 2014

Is it 10kg???


I am sorry that it got so late again but I came back from school at 7:30 and then started throwing out old stuff that I won't need anymore and taking things out onto the floor to see what I need to take with me to Edinburgh. To be honest with you I don't want to take too many things with me because I hope that I'll buy some nice things there. So I really hope that I won't have more than 10kg of hand luggage because this is the only bag I'm taking with me.
I actually put everything I need to take with me into the suitcase and put it on the scales, well,.. 9,8 kg already...but there is a jacket, a huge towel and Eryk's hoodie inside as well, so that's all going to stay there. And other things too!
I just have to pack smaller things like make up and hair brush and medicine on Saturday morning, but this is not going to weight much obviously.

Bow-bows! <3

Small things...

Music and check-lists...

Bigger things...

Very happy and excited Oli :)

And liquids packed separately :)

Have a nice evening guys :)
Tomorrow will be the last preparation day, where last things will be done.



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