Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter everyone! :)

It is already half past 3pm and Eryk's family just left.
Eryk and I woke up at 8, and Eryk got ready because he had to go to work and when he left I started cleaning up the whoooole house. It was hard work and I wanted to wash my hair afterwards to look pretty. But the guests arrived at about 11 I believe and I just dressed myself and made some light make up and decided to not do anything else. We had some nice family dinner, but sadly without the boys because they are still both at work.
However, Eryk will be home in a while so he'll have his dinner and maybe we're going to go for a walk or something :)

I didn't take many pictures today but I hope you'll be happy with what you'll see :)
Also, I got my earlier birthday present and it's so cute <3

Today I wore my brand new dress that I got from M&S yesterday, and I also wore my slippers :3

I got an album with many photos of me and Eryk and I just love it <3

Well, as we had some more people over, I pushed the table in the middle of the living room +we got two new chairs :D

The boys' dinner is waiting :)

Eryk's little sister picked a tulip for me :)

Such a nice weather again!

And again from the other side

We actually bought this picture yesterday and just hung it next to our door in our room :)

Enjoy your Easter time :)



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