Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Edinburgh Wishlist

I am really sorry that it got so late but the weather changed and every time this happens I just fall asleep and am so tired that I feel just so bad. When I woke up mum and me watched some nice series and now I thought I should blog finally.
Well, soon I am going to be already in Scotland and everytime I go there I check out all the shops on the internet and so on and I think about what I'd like to buy there.
Well, of course I can't tell if I am going to buy all of the things obviously, but I always hope I will because I thik british things are so exciting and so much better than our ones here.

The first thing I really wanted to buy for a longer time now is a bag from the brand Little Moose. Actually a friend of mine bought herself a bag from this shop when we were in Cambridge two years ago. I also wanted to buy the same bag there but as she got it earlier, I didn't want to buy the same one anymore. But the shop has more bags than just one and here is one that I really want to get myself for my birthday.
-> Why not satchel
I am not sure how to combine it with clothes but I just thing it looks so amazing that I totally want to have it as quickly as possible.

Also, another thing I really want to try on and buy if it is available in my size and when it is how I imagined it to be is this pair of shoes. Well, when I went to Cambridge I first saw shoes from TOMS and I didn't really like them at first but now as I found this pair online I just think they would be so nice and comfortable for summer! So hopefully I'll find them in one of the shops and I'll try them on and hopefully I'll buy them because if they won't fit, I'll be really sad.
->Floral TOMS

I also would like to buy myself a Sleek blusher or a Collection Concealer as I've heard that they are really good to cover up dark circles under your eyes, which I definitely have, and I still couldn't find a good concealer for my skin. I had one from Shiseido twice and it was by far the best I've ever had but as they are very expensive (40 euros here), I just can't afford to buy myself such products whenever I want to.
So basically, I'd like to buy interesting things from Boots and Superdrug, not sure yet what, but I am sure I will buy things. :)

As I love wearing skirts and dresses and summer is approaching, I want to get some new skater skirts as I possess only two of them and one of them is really too short to wear it in public. Also, I have nice dresses but they are more festive than everyday ones and I am trying to find some nice dresses I could wear to school or town. I hope that I'll buy at least one skirt because I really need new ones!
-> Red skater skirtRed skirtCoral skater skirtSilver skater skirt

Of course I'll probably buy too many things again, but right, I am a girl. Sorry, not sorry ;)

Have a nice week still and see you tomorrow! :)



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