Sunday, 30 November 2014

3 Nice Bags | Wants

For a longer time now I've been thinking of getting a new bag for College, as the only one I can fit my folder in is my blue GABS bag, which is awesome, but doesn't match every outfit of mine. So I was thinking of getting a big black bag, but I don't really know what it should be like. I am a person that prefers having a nice, stable leather bag instead of five non-leather ones, which will be worn out after some months sadly.
I found some bags that I am dying for right now, but they are expensive and I wish I had the money for them. But maybe after Christmas I'll have some money saved up and will be finally able to get something new?

Basically, my biggest wish was this beautiful bag from Fossil, called Erin Satchel. I am totally in love with it. it costs 169£, which is pricey as you can tell, but it is made of leather and seems very durable. The problem is that I can't really tell if this bag would be big enough for all the things I carry around when I'm in College, and this is the main reason why I am trying to find a new bag for. It is surely amazing if you are going to town, cinema or when you are travelling and use it as hand luggage. If it was big enough for a folder and all the other rubbish, I would save up for it and buy it once I have enough money because I'd know that it is really worth getting it. I was also thinking of Livingston, which is an outlet centre near Edinburgh, as there is a Fossil shop over there. Obviously, if they had this bag, it would be way cheaper than online and in a regular Fossil shop. (hopefully) So I think that I should maybe once go there and check out what they offer, before buying a Fossil bag online.

Two days ago I found another beautiful bag, that I fell in love with, but I am not too sure about either. It seems bigger than the Fossil bag, but I couldn't find it in black, so here's a navy version of it. It is from the brand Modalu, also made of leather and it has some tiny cute shells studded on the front of the bag. I think that it looks so elegant, but not too serious and it is just so pretty! I have no experience with this brand, so I don't know anything about it's quality and if it is worth spending 299£ on it. Don't worry, I won't! If it was a gift, well, give it to me! But 300 pounds is definitely too much for me, at least while being a student without a proper job, you know. But maybe there is someone out there looking for a nice bag like this one, who would be ready to pay the price.

But, there are also some more affordable bags I'd go for, like this one from H&M. It is not a leather bag but it is big and would definitely have enough space to hide away all the College stuff, and snacks and so on. I think it would be great to go and check it out as it seems like a quite nice bag. Quite plain, but that's basically what I really need. I don't have enough basics, sadly. Also, the price for this bag is a really nice one and it surely wouldn't harm anyone to have it. Even for travelling it seems to be a good option to me.

What do you think? Should I finally get a black bag which would match my outfits better?



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