Thursday, 27 November 2014

Empties | November

I've collected so many empty products over the last few weeks that the bag is already full and I finally need to get rid of the empties to create new space for new empty products.

The first product is again a TRESemme hair shampoo. This time it's from the Salon Silk range and I have to say that I was quite happy with it. However, lately I found that my hair gets greasy very quickly and even after washing and drying my hair, it feels not clean but quite sticky or greasy underneath all the visible hair. I don't know if it is the choice of shampoo or what because I rinse it until no foam comes out any more. But, the shampoo smells nice and as it is a 900ml bottle, it lasts for about a month, maybe a bit less in my case.

Next we have two things that are not related to beauty at all- a tea box and a box of a candle.
The Twingings Strawberry& Raspberry tea was one I quickly grabbed because I thought it would be nice to have a fruity tea if we had any guests over that would like to have one. But as I usually drink Earl Grey tea, at first I wasn't really into it. But with time I started having a cup of it every few hours or so and the whole box was empty after probably less than two weeks. I think I should get a new one soon.

The AirWick candle is one I totally love. And I bought three of them, so I have one still unlit and one that we already used a bit. And one is obviously all gone, that's why I'm writing this. It is a beautiful scent, apparently wild fig, fruity and cosy, but not too intense. Absolutely amazing and addicting! Also, they come in a pretty glass, that I kept for rings or other small pieces of jewellery and stuff.

Also, some time ago I mentioned Eryk's shower gel haul and he also bought the Colgate mouthwash with the shower gels. I really liked this blue mouthwash as it was refreshing and not too burning. However, there is a green version that I once bought in a travel size, which is actually a handy thing for airports and so on, but the taste was totally gross and I was really happy to have this blue one as a change.
And then, I also included this empty pack of the Gillette Venus Oceana disposable razors. Just because they are great value for money and quite long lasting. I really enjoyed using them as they have a comfy handle and really sharp razors that make shaving legs a lot easier than other disposable razors, from my experience. I actually also had some Bic ones, where you get 4 of them in a pack and they range from the colour blue to green and I also found them very very good. So, as I couldn't get my hands on the Bic ones, I used these ones and was also quite happy with them.

Then we've also used up two hand soaps. The first one is from Cussons from the Imperial Leather range and as Carex comes from the same brand I have to say that Carex is so much better than that one. I just couldn't stand the smell, which reminded me of some cheap granny perfume, it didn't make my hands feel clean and fresh but as if I was touching some old clothes or so. I wouldn't repurchase this soap, because of the smell for sure.
The Tango soap however, was totally awesome! The smell is just so fruity and refreshing that I wanted to use it every five minutes. It smells like some zesty sweets, something very tasty. It is a very summery scent as well I'd say and the amount of soap that came in this bottle seemed so huge to me, compared to other hand soaps.
It was also quite cheap, which also lets me say that it is amazing value for money!

Also an empty product this time is my all-time favourite deodorant. First I got one with a roller ball from this range, which is the Pomegranate and Lemon grass (or so) one and that was last summer I believe. It lasted for absolutely ages, but once it got empty I bought myself this compressed bottle one as a spray and I love it even more! It smells just amazing (apparently good smelling products are a must for me), it comes in a tiny, very handy bottle, that you can carry around in your bag and use it on the go even. I got this one back in Austria and I just used it up a week or so ago! I also have a new roller ball version of it, which I also bought already ages ago, and a compressed spray bottle, that I just started using. I am totally in love with it and I will definitely continue repurchasing it until they discontinue the range (please don't, Dove!).
Now, we finally come to a make-up piece, which is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade 2 Cool Medium. It is my second one in this shade and I was quite happy with it, until my skin got more and more pale after my summer tan faded away. I use it under my eyes and on my spots (which are mainly on my forehead) and it left orange patches all over my forehead and even darker looking circles under my eyes. It was absolutely horrible over the last two weeks I believe and I was relieved once it got totally empty and I went to Superdrug to get the lighter shade. I was quite happy with how it covers up redness and under eye circles, even though you could still always see them any ways. If I won't find a nicer concealer for my skin until summer, I'll probably get this shade again once I'm tanned.
And the last product for today is still not all used up, but it will be later this evening. It is the Garnier Micellar water, which is so popular just now, and often considered as Bioderma's best dupe. Well. I am not too sure about that. After the first use I could straight away tell my skin had a terrible smell. It totally freaked me out as I could smell something like wet walls once I've taken my make-up off and it completely irritated me. I just had to wash my face with water and dry it with a towel as much as possible in order to get rid of the horrible smell. Now, my house mate uses the same one and she says she never realised that smell, so maybe it's just my bottle. So I thought that maybe it could be just a faulty bottle. I was not too sure whether I wanted to repurchase it, because it works very well, but the horrible smell just ruins the whole effect for me, but I just couldn't find anything else really. And once I saw the Garnier Micellar water on sale, when I was in town with Eryk and I just got a new bottle of it but didn't use it yet. I hope that this one won't leave the bad smell on my skin, because I will stock up on Bioderma after coming back from Poland. 

And that was it! So many products collected!
If you've tried any of the products, let me know about your opinions etc!



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