Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Glamour | December 2014

Today I got up early as I had lots of things to sort out before College.
I first had to get to the city centre, which took me over an hour due to road works and traffic jams. Once I got there, I had to go to the bank to pay money into my account, then I had to go to the Three shop to sort something out about my phone bill. Next I took the bus and saw Lidl on the way, which made me totally feel like I want to see some products that I used to see in Vienna often. So I got off and took my time to stroll around Lidl and bought myself delicious chocolate coated gingerbread hearts filled with apricot jam. Then I took the bus again and had to get medicine from the pharmacy, which is near my College, but very far from town. When I had to change the bus and saw that I still have lots of time left, I quickly went to ASDA and then I took the bus again. I then got off at the pharmacy, took the medicine and my bus was due in 10 minutes so I decided to go to Scotmid and check out magazines. And so I found this new Glamour one with three nice gifts, and decided that I should get something to read. I bought this awesome magazine, which is only 2£ with all the nice stuff!

 So, first of all you get a Nails Inc nail polish and you can choose from four colours, I went for this very dark berryish colour, which is absolutely beautiful. It surely is one of the best polishes I've ever tried and am so happy to have one now. This nail polish is totally added to my autumn/winter favourites.

The second extra is a card from The Body Shop, which is worth either 3, 15 or 100 £! And there are also some that can make you win 1000£ for shopping at The Body Shop! You just need to take it to the shop and let it check for its value. Next time I'll be in town I'll go and ask about it for sure. I totally love The Body Shop and I could also find some more nice Christmas gifts there.

And the third thing you get with the magazine is a 20% off voucher for H&M that is valid if you spend at least 20£!
This could also be a good chance to get some gifts, or to treat yourself a bit for Christmas, right?
 I am totally surprised with so many cool extras in a magazine for only 2£! Should it continue adding such cool things I would consider getting it more often from now one. So let's wait for the January issue!

What do you think about this issue? Do you agree that it is totally fabulous?


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