Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Snack Night Again

Today I had quite an amusing time in College and after that I went to town in order to get some Christmas gifts. I wasn't too successful today because it was quite late and the shops were closing soon. So, I only bought four things for my family and got myself two pairs of tights, a scarf and a hand sanitiser from Soap&Glory, which smells absolutely amazing! I was also walking around shops like The Body Shop and fell in love with the apple scented products from the Winter range!
And after all the shops were closed, I went to Tesco Express to get some food and snacks for today's evening. We are trying to play some Minecraft and not to eat too many crisps and sweets. But yeah, we already had some Macaroni Cheese and dough balls with garlic butter from Pizza Express, which were amazing and I think that we should totally get them more often from now on.

After that we also had some fresh strawberries to add something healthy to our diet once in a while.

We were also trying to plan what we could do on Friday as it is our day off. We thought of going to town or to the museum, we'll see what we'll do and if we are even going to leave the house. You can never know if you'll wake up to pouring rain in the UK.

Tomorrow I will maybe be able to finally film a new video for my Youtube channel before I go to College.
And by the way, if you still haven't seen our latest vlog, here it is!

Have a nice evening everyone, whatever you are up to! :)



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