Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Evening Cooking

Today I spent the whole day at work again and I am quite exhausted. And even though I came home more than an hour ago, I still didn't change my clothes, didn't brush my hair, which is horribly tangled. I only cooked our meal for tonight and we already ate it all, as it was so tasty.

We cooked some rice with a mushroom and red pepper sauce. Here is a short instruction to the dinner:

1) Cook the rice.
2) In the meanwhile, chop mushrooms and a red pepper into small pieces.

3) Cook the vegetables in a low pan, with a bit of oil or butter.
4) Add some Philadelphia stir-in sauce, we used the mushroom one for it.

5) Let it cook for a while, add some salt and pepper, and once the rice is cooked, you are all done!

Now I should definitely go and change my clothes and start doing my homework for College. I am also not too sure yet what I'm going to do tomorrow after College, but we'll see how things will turn out to be.

When I think about Christmas, I feel so happy and excited and can't wait to be on my plane, to arrive at the airport, to see my family again, to spend Christmas with them and so on. But I definitely need to get more gifts until that time, because what I have at the moment is really not much. I just don't really know what to buy really, but I will find nice gifts for everyone with time, so I shouldn't really worry about that as long as I stay organised.

Did you already get some Christmas gifts? Are you also so excited like me? The thing I am not excited for though is definitely the winter weather, especially in Poland.



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