Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Matalan Homeware "Haul"

Yesterday, after I picked up my make-up brushes from the Delivery Office, I popped into Matalan to check what home ware they have at the moment. And I have to say that I'd buy so many things there to decorate my room, but I had to go to school straight after so I couldn't really buy more things than there would actually fit into my bag.

So I thought, why not pick at least something small? So I chose two small things that made me feel happy and I also managed to carry them in my bag, so it was perfect.

The two things I got are a small candle in a pretty tin and a small mirror.

The candle smells like frosted blackberry and it is so amazing! I haven't lit it yet as I have no lighter at the moment, but I can't wait seeing it burning next to the window in the evenings. I also chose this candle because I was thinking of purple accents that I'd like to have in our room. After burning the candle down I'd like to keep the tin to reuse it for example to keep jewellery or other random small things in it.
The candle is on the website, and you can find it here.

And the mirror is just a really small heart shaped one, with some engraved leaves. The motive almost reminds me of a stag's head, which reminds me of Scandinavian accessoires and these remind me of Christmas. Well, I try not to be too excited about Christmas, as it is still more than a month to go, but I should definitely start buying Christmas gifts for my family. This is what I am already excited for.
And back tot he mirror, I also like the tiny chain that you can use for hanging the mirror up somewhere. First I was thinking of using the mirror in my make-up space, but it is still untouched and I just don't know how we are going to change it, so I decided to leave the mirror just now and decide where we want to hang it up once we came up with a nice place.

I totally love looking at and buying things for home and I wish I had more money to just go for lots of pretty things and I wish that our room was already repainted and that we'd already have a pretty floor and so on, but hopefully everything will slowly get better.



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