Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My WoodWick Candle

After writing this post about the candles I have, I went on Amazon and ordered myself another candle. A WoodWick. I've already had one, when I got it for Christmas last year and I instantly fell in love with it. I had it in the scent Cranapple Punch, which was quite a christmassy scent, and it was absolutely beautiful!

Before leaving Austria,  there was not much of it left, so I decided not to take it overseas and gave it to my mum. And now I felt like having this candle again would make me feel like being home, with my family, in my very own room and in Vienna. So when I found this candle, with the scent called Currant, I just went for it and couldn't wait for it to arrive at my doorstep. And to be honest, it smells very, very similar to my first one, if not even basically the same. Again, an absolutely beautiful scent to have at home.

Now, the special thing about this candle is that it has a special wood wick, which creates a crackling sound, as if you were sitting next to a bonfire. I was first quite unsure about the sound as you hear the candle all the time when it's burning, but I immediately accepted the sound and I totally love having it around me. It makes me feel calm and happy.

The candle comes in a beautifully shaped jar, with a wooden lid.

 I don't know for how many hours it lasts, but as I've used it from December until June, I can say that it . Lasts for many hours.
I think it is so perfect and especially now, during the festive season, it just makes our room feel even more christmassy and cosier.
Once we've burnt down this candle I will surely keep thr jar to store my make-up brushes or some pieces of my make-up or even for short flowers. I am very excited about having it around.

What about you? Have you hesrd about WoodWick candles yet? I totally recommend them to every candle lover!



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