Friday, 28 November 2014

Monthly Beauty Favourites | November

Oh dear, November is already coming to an end, Christmas is nearly here and I still didn't manage to get all the Christmas gifts yet. This month will apparently be a very busy one I can already tell!

But now we can do something nice, check out my favourite beauty products of November. Most of them are new, and I love them.

Let's start with the Wet'n'Wild blush in Pearlescent pink. It is so pigmented that you really need to be careful with it. But I just used it twice or so and I already got asked if I changed something in my make-up routine as my face looks more colourful now. So, yes, I started using a bit of blush, additionally to the bronzer I always use. I use my Real Techniques Stippling brush to apply it to my cheeks and I just gently dip the brush into the powder blush because I don't want to look too pink. Mine comes in a package with a tiny mirror and a flat brush, but as I said, I use one from Real Techniques as I find it's shape very appropriate for applying blush to my skin.

Next, my little Bourjois Quad palette in Over Rose is something I've used so many times since I got it. I didn't have a liquid or gel eyeliner lately and decided to use this little pinky palette to define my eyes a bit more. And I really enjoy it. It comes with an applicator as well, but to actually apply the shadow I use my EcoTOOLS full eyeshadow brush. Well, I should maybe get another eyeshadow brush, so I could use one for lighter and the other one for darker shades. But, I really think that it is a nice piece of make-up for eyeshadow starters, like me, because the shadows are not too pigmented, but buildable. And you also have a whole set to create a smokey eye in one place. Awesome!

Also a favourite product this month is my new Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, this time in the lightest shade, 1 Fair. It makes my undereye circles look better and it doesn't leave orange stains all over my face after it dries, which is very good! It is also affordable and lasts for ages!

After trying out Benefit's They're real liner, I felt like I want one because it is easier for me to use than a regular liquid eyeliner. But the price is just horrible so I decided to keep my eye on a good dupe or so. And I found the Maybelline Lasting Drama BlackShock eyeliner, which works just like the Benefit one, but seems a bit more liquid to me. I am really happy that I got it because I like wearing eyeliner and this one is awesome, but it is a good thing to possess a waterproof make-up remover, as this liner is really waterproof! And make-up remover proof too! So it takes me ages to take it off, using the Garnier Micellar water as it leaves your skin grey, just like the Benefit liner. So, if you are getting this, buy yourself a waterproof make-up remover with it to not make your eyes sore while removing the liner before bed.

Last time I also couldn't resist and got myself the Glazed Apple hand cream from The Body Shop and I am  so in love with the smell, I wish I could smell it forever! So christmassy, and so fruity! The cream also leaves your hands soft and moisturised, and nice smelling for a long time! If I could, I'd really get the whole Glazed Apple range!

And the last favourite product I'm going to show you this month is the beautiful scented hand sanitiser from Soap&Glory.  It contains natural Grapefruit extract, which makes the smell so delicious. It does also remind me of their hand cream called Hand Food. It is always good to have a hand cleansing gel with you when you're out of the house. This one was 2,50£ at Boots, but it is just so amazing that I couldn't resist buying it.

These were all the beauty products I've loved throughout November and tomorrow you'll see all the random favourites of this month!

Also, the vlog is converting at the moment, and uploading to Youtube soon, so don't forget to check it out later in the evening before you go to bed!



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