Wednesday, 12 November 2014

New Hair Tutorial Video

Today I woke up in the morning thinking of filming a new hair tutorial as it was requested on my blog. It is the hairstyle I had in pictures of this blog post, and also this one. You can even see it somewhere in this vlog.

Now, this is again a tutorial in which I show how to make a French braid. But I thought this would be useful to show, as it is going all over your head and it slightly more difficult than just a small one. I then transform the French braid into a fishtail braid and this is how my Halloween hairstyle looked like.


I think this hairstyle is quite nice if you want to wear braids, but ones that look more creative than just plain braids. It also looks nice with long hair, because it won't work out too well if you have short hair. And this is my aim, to show hairstyles for girls with long hair, as I feel like it is really hard to find tutorials that will really work out with my strange hair. So hopefully I can help you a bit as well and I hope that you enjoy this video.

If you have any ideas for new videos/ tutorials, please let me know in the comment section either here, or on Youtube, and I will try my best to film what you wish to see.

Also, look at today's sky!! It was so amazing that we just wanted to get out of class and take pictures as quickly as possible.


  1. Hi, whats the camera called which you use to take your videos? :)

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    2. If I film tutorials and such videos I use my Nikon D5100 and I also started using it for the vlogs now as my vlogging camera, the Canon PowerShot S110, somehow broke down and sadly won't cooperate with me :(