Monday, 17 November 2014

My OOTD: College and Shopping Day

Today I woke up quite late, as the weather was just horrible and made me feel like I don't even need to get out of bed at all this morning. But when I saw the terrible mess in our room I decided that there was definitely a reason to get up, because the mess made me feel even worse. So, first of all I tidied up the room, washed the dishes, had breakfast, got ready and left for College. After College I decided that sitting home alone is not so great and went for a walk to the Gyle Shopping Centre which is quite near the College. I wanted to get some more Christmas gifts, but didn't find what I was planning to buy, so I only bought two three things for myself, and two small things for our room, to make it a bit nicer again.
I also did some grocery shopping, to buy the things we already ran out of and then I went back home.

So this is the outfit I wore today, which was really comfy and together with my furry coat and my basic black Vans, it was perfect for today's weather. It was not cold and not too windy, it was nice.

I didn't go for many colours as you can see- my black crochet cardigan is from H&M, my skater skirt as well. The polka dot bodycon dress from Primark was my top today and my new Primark tights are just amazingly warm! Also, my black crochet loop scarf is new and also bought in Primark. I totally loved my burgundy one I got last year, but somehow while moving house I totally forgot about it, and now it is in Vienna, and I had to buy myself a new one. So I went for black, as it should go with every outfit this winter season.

Also, my hair grew so much already! It's so nice sometimes! 
( And excuse the dirty mirror, I didn't clean that one today)

And here's a sneak peek of what I got myself today. I will surely show you any time soon! Just a bit of patience...

And here's a place I went to today;

It's definitely heaven! So beautiful everything! I definitely spent some time there. 

And, if you still didn't see what we did last week, go and check it out here: VLOG 7 It's definitely worth it. And it would make us happy!




  1. kopiuj wklej z tłumacza widze :)

    1. Niby gdzie? Tak się składa że nie używam tłumacza pisząc bloga.

  2. Potwierdzam.wiele bledow robisz

    1. No trudno, bede robic bledy az sie naucze. Nie bez powodu tutaj jestem. Gdyby jeszcze angielski byl moim pierwszym jezykiem to mogl by sie ktos czepiac. Ale widze ze tu jest pare specjalistow od jezykow obcych. :D